Want to find out how you can help your dog live longer, with a better quality of life? Then read on!

How To Bless Your Dog With The Gift Of A Long, Healthy, Happy Life

Common doggy health problems can shorten their lifespans and make old age a misery. Thanks to advances in canine nutrition you CAN take action to help your dog live longer in better health.


Think back to the very first moment you met your beloved dog. 

The instant connection, those soulful eyes staring up at you, the feeling that your lives were meant to intertwine.

What has your relationship meant since that precious moment? The walks, adventures, quiet moments on the sofa together? 

Through thick and thin, your pup has offered unwavering love and loyalty, asking little in return.

Now, what if I told you there was a way to give back? To help ensure your best friend lives their healthiest, happiest years with you? 

And even to prolong their lifespan to give you more precious time together?

  • It’s a common – mistaken - belief that canine life expectancy is set in stone, and solely dependent on the breed of dog.
  • But while all dog breeds DO have an approximate lifespan…
  • There’s another factor that plays an even more important in how many in how long your dog lives …

Their overall level of health and well-being.

  • Put simply, healthy dogs, without any chronic ailments or illnesses, live longer, more fulfilled lives.
  • After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog. 
  • But the chances are, at some point, your dog is going to suffer one of the ‘big three’ health issues treated by vets in the UK.
  • Not only do these conditions reduce their quality of life, but they also have the potential to shave years off their lifespan.

Itchy Skin

Relentless scratching, biting, licking, & chewing at paws, tummies, or ears. Hair loss, red rashes, scaly skin. Ear gunk and head shaking. Attempts to gnaw their own fur off from discomfort.

Incessant scratching, licking, & chewing from inflamed skin leads to open wounds vulnerable to dangerous infection. 

The chronic discomfort also causes immense distress and prevents restorative sleep. 

Skin conditions tend to worsen over time if left unaddressed, allowing increasing inflammation & infection to spread internally. Quality of life can rapidly decline without relief.

Digestive Disruption

Unpleasant flatulence, bathroom accidents, Intermittent vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy. Visible discomfort shortly after meals, stretching, and inability to get comfortable. Constipation or diarrhoea.

Chronic gastrointestinal issues make it painfully difficult for dogs to receive adequate nutrition.

Vomiting and diarrhea lead to rapid dehydration while preventing proper nutrient absorption. 

Stomach inflammation spreads systemically as intestines struggle to manage waste and appetite and weight loss often follows, beginning a vicious cycle of declining health. 

Digestive problems tend to escalate without intervention.

Restless Anxiety

Pacing, panting, and drooling. Hiding and trembling during storms, fireworks, or strangers at the door. Accidents despite successful potty training. Destructive chewing, barking, and agitation.

While anxiety-induced accidents, chewing, barking, and agitation may start relatively mildly, they tend to intensify over time leading to serious consequences. 

The most serious risk is the cumulative strain on vital organs like the heart from corrosive stress hormones released by perpetual anxiety. 

So what seems to be a ‘mental health’ issue only can actually morph into life-threatening physical conditions.

Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for any dog not to struggle with at least one of the above at some point in their life.

If you have a dog who’s never experienced any of these problems, you’ve got lucky - for now! 

All three issues are more likely to develop as your dog ages.

But what if I told you there’s a way to avoid or considerably alleviate all of the above? 

And to strengthen your dog’s immune system so they’re less likely to experience these and other common canine ailments?

The good news is there IS a really straightforward way to help your dog:

Enjoy complete
digestive comfort

No more loose stools,
smelly gas, or upset tummies. Just healthy digestion & regular potty trips!

Become calmer & less anxious

Your pal can still play yet stays peaceful when it’s time to relax, even with company. No more hyperactivity bursts or stress.

Curb unpleasant 
behaviours like barking

Doggo exhibits less aggression, whining, or doing "naughty" stuff that drives you crazy. More fun moments together instead!

Maintain soothed, hydrated skin

No more itchy red patches, rashes, or raw spots from licking. Only clear, calm skin from head to tail.

Grow a gorgeous,envy-worthy coat

Flaunt the shiniest, fullest fur that feels oh so soft and silky to the touch. Beautiful!

Build a resilient immune system

Better protection against sickness means fewer vet visits for ills like ear infections or upset stomachs. 

image 7.png__PID:869601a1-2143-4698-94b3-f128f92126d3

And, most importantly, live a longer, happier, healthier life by your side.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you about a breakthrough in dog nutrition that can help you give all of the above to your dog.

This solution is real, affordable, and it works. Just take a look at the statistics…


Improved coat condition & reduced itching reported by 90% of users


Enhanced digestive health observed in 85% of dogs within two weeks


Significant reduction in anxiety & stress behaviours in 80% of dogs

And here’s what genuine UK dog owners are saying:

“My dog has only been having them for 8 days & he has already stopped scratching, his sensitivity to touch is no longer there and his general unhappiness has gone. Just waiting for his fur to start growing back now. I am absolutely over the moon with the results and so happy that my dog is happy again!!!”

- B.K.

Our two girls have benefitted immensely from all aspects of the previous problems they had.
Digestive system is now absolutely on course and the only scratching is the waking up ritual for a few seconds.

 - Kevin M.

They have made such a difference to our dog. She is calmer at home when strangers come to the house, she is much calmer on walks. She is just a much calmer, and a much happier dog. I recommend this product, they have really made a big difference.

- Wendy N.

My dog had been suffering from incessant itching, scratching, and chewing, and it was a source of distress for both of us. There's been a remarkable improvement. The itching has diminished significantly, and my dog appears much more at ease. It's a welcome change that has positively impacted our lives.

- Smaranda B.

My dogs have a new lease of life. My 9 years old was always ill. She is now a different dog. She is like a puppy. She plays and runs around. My other 4 years old dog used to miss so many meals-she just wouldn’t eat. Now she eats every meal. I would honestly say if you do anything for your dog, do this!

 - Maria

My dog suffers from separation anxiety and at times I've had to ask for help to look after him when leaving the house for an hour or so. He has been able to relax by himself, and I feel more confident in leaving my place with him alone.

- Robbie D.

I only wish I’d been able to give my dogs the gift of better health…

As someone who’s owned dogs for over 30 years, I’ve been through it all when it comes to canine health troubles. 

My dogs have suffered from digestion problems, chronic anxiety, miserable skin conditions - you name it.

And while each precious companion holds a special place in my heart, their distress still pains me. 

I constantly wonder, could I have done more to ease their suffering? 

Were there steps I missed that could have awarded them longer, happier, healthier lives?

The first dog I ever owned was my Chocolate Labrador, Lucy. And like most dogs, she loved to eat!

She'd eagerly gobble down anything thrown her way without a second thought. 

But then, suddenly, she began refusing food. Her stomach bloated badly, and she'd whimper in discomfort. 

She was losing weight, had terrible-smelling breath, and alternated between being constipated or having diarrhoea. 

Countless vet visits provided some help - bland diets, antibiotics, and anti-nausea meds. 

But nothing fully settled her delicate digestion, & Lucy continued battling episodic tummy troubles all her life. 

And she left us early - 2 full years younger than the average life expectancy for her breed.


Soon after losing Lucy, I welcomed into our family a lively Cocker Spaniel pup we named Bruno.

Bruno burst with happy-go-lucky energy from the start, constantly bouncing around the house with a toy or begging to play. Our kids loved him!

Then, around age 8, his personality changed for no apparent reason.

Bruno started pacing the floors when left alone, refusing to get into the car, & acting short-tempered with strangers – barking and even growling.

He’d never been a “chewer.” But now, if we left him alone for more than a couple of hours, we’d come back to find he’d taken out his stress on household items. 

My slippers, various books and magazines, toilet rolls, and once, memorably, the remote control for our TV… All fell foul of Bruno’s anxious chewing.

Again, we sought expert help. The vet diagnosed Bruno with general anxiety & prescribed expensive anti-anxiety medication. 

And while the pills took the edge off, Bruno never regained his previous zest for life. 

He'd still whimper and hide during fireworks and act nervy around strangers. And he lacked interest in his longtime favourite activities like playing fetch.

My once carefree pal felt like a shell of himself, and it broke my heart knowing I couldn't restore him to the happy doggo he’d once been.

Now I have Evie, a lively young Cockapoo who fills our days with joy and playful mischief. 

However, at only 3 years old, we struggled for over a year with her relentless scratching and miserable skin issues.

Evie constantly licked and bit at her paws, eventually leaving behind angry, red, irritated patches. 

She'll nibble so incessantly they bleed, and I could tell how distressed she feels. The poor girl couldn’t seem to find relief!

The flakey skin on Evie's tummy drove her mad, too. She'd contort herself, trying desperately to gnaw the itchy flakes off – poor pup!

Thankfully, with Evie, we HAVE founda solution.

One that’s stopped her itching and scratching entirely… and one that I’m confident will prevent her from struggling with digestive issues or anxiety like our other dogs.

She’s now a healthy, happy 4 year old with no health issues whatsoever.

And like in the testimonials above, it’s allthanks to recent advances in the science of dog nutrition, combined in one incredible solution.

image 6.png__PID:7b1e25e1-ca3a-47ba-93b8-830302caedef

The key to a happy, healthy, long-lived dog?
It’s all about what they eat!

In a moment, I’ll tell you all about how just one small change to your dog’s diet can help fix their scratching, tummy troubles, or anxiety. But first, I’d like to share some of the amazing scientific breakthroughs in the field of dog nutrition.

For the record, I am a professional nutritionist – for humans, not for dogs! 

And in my role at a top UK university, I’ve been involved in groundbreaking research that’s helped millions eat better and improve their health over the last 15 years. 

But while human nutrition gets the most attention, I've been increasingly fascinated watching the explosion of research into dog nutrition in recent years.


The parallels with human nutritional science are astounding. 

We now know a properly balanced diet has the power to profoundly influence nearly every aspect of human health and happiness.

And exactly the same applies to dogs.


With the right nutrition, dogs can live healthier, happier, and much longer lives. 

In fact, according to a study by the University of Georgia, the average lifespan of dogs has increased by about 1.2 years over the past decade alone. And better nutrition plays a massive part in helping dogs live for longer.

Yet despite these incredible revelations, misinformation still runs rampant around what to actually feed our furry friends. 

Well-meaning owners are constantly led astray by simplistic advice and myths that ignore their dog’s unique needs. And some commercial pet foods deceptively present themselves as “complete nutrition” when they are anything but.


But make no mistake - truly optimal nutrition for your dog is possible, and it’s all basedon proven, robust science.

To start, let’s talk about probiotics. 

Multiple studies prove specific "good bacteria" strains greatly improve dogs' digestion and reduce illness risk. 

These probiotics balance the gut microbiome - restoring harmony between good/bad bacteria. 

This promotes better nutrient absorption while easing gassiness, loose stools, and bathroom accidents. 

Pups taking probiotics have fewer struggles with chronic diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, and smelly gas. 

And some anti-inflammatory probiotic blends also protect against future digestive disorders, allergic reactions, and infections. 

Essentially, probiotics balance your dog’s gut so that whatever they eat, they get the best out of it, and everything passes through them nice and smoothly. 

If only I’d known about probiotics when Lucy had her tummy problems!

Then there’s prebiotics.

These are specialised plant fibres that nourish the good bacteria already in your dog's gut. 

Multiple studies confirm dog prebiotics improve digestive regularity, nutrient absorption, and immunity

They reduce the risk for chronic conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and also cut bacterial/viral infections & allergic reactions to triggers like pollen or dust. 

Pups eating more veggie/fruit prebiotics have healthier stool consistency with less diarrhoea or constipation. Immunity gets fortified, too.

Essentially, they act like fertiliser for your dog's internal microbiome garden - helping the beneficial bacteria that are vital for your dog’s health.

image 10.jpg__PID:9226c2c7-3d77-4652-a95d-9eddeeb40d67

What about immunity?

Well, better nutrition can also seriously strengthen your dog’s immune system. 

The right foods and ingredients bolster their defences against worsening infection or disease.

How? Loading up on bioavailable nutrients bolsters their body’s ability to swiftly crush “intruder” pathogens.

Also, dogs battling temporary illnesses like kennel cough see faster recovery if they’re eating immune-fortifying foods.

And immune-boosting nutrition also helps dogs prone to chronic ear, skin and urinary tract infections. Some dogs even see infections that have plagued them for years finally clear up.

Let’s move onto Omega-3 fatty acids

These critical nutrients are found in the natural oils of fish like salmon, and in some plants, too.

Omega-3s act as internal moisturisers, soothing flakiness and reducing rashes/hot spots. 
They make dogs' skin and coats reliably healthier - with less shedding and dry, itchy skin. 

Rich omega levels also decrease swelling in ageing joints, helping senior dogs stay active and comfortable on walks. 

The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 even aid cognitive health, helping dogs stay sharp and alert further into old age.  

In summary, here are the key benefits of proper doggy nutrition…

Introducing the right nutrients into your dog's diet can help them with:

A Healthy Coat & Skin:

Their skin will be smooth & unblemished, with no itchiness. Fur is gloriously soft, shiny, and full.

Balanced Digestion:

With less chance of a sore tummy, your dog should eat what you give them. Plus, you can say goodbye to unpleasant gassiness, loose stools, and bathroom accidents!

Fortified Immune Defences:

The ideal diet acts as an internal suit of armour against infection and disease. Your pup will fend off illnesses other dogs succumb to.

image 8.png__PID:f9b2302b-ee67-43ee-8dda-58b7b2530580

Emotional Equilibrium:

Fewer anxious behaviours like barking, chewing, and aggression. Your pal maintains an even-keel disposition despite external stresses and changes.

Boundless Energy:

Sustained energy for playtime and activities without subsequent fatigue or moody crash. A healthy doggo is a fun doggo!

Extended Lifespan:

The right combination of vitamins, minerals, oils, and antioxidants can help extend your dog’s years of healthy living.

But how can you get
ALL these health benefits for your dog?

As you can see, scientific breakthroughs in tailored canine nutrition offer immense potential to transform your best friend’s health and happiness. 

However, finding a solution that comprehensively combines ALL the benefits can feel overwhelming.

What brand of food should you buy? 

Does it need to be breed-specific? Age-specific? Or should you feed them according to their specific health needs?

The fact is, there are some excellent dog foods out there…

But! None are fully effective for looking after your dog’s skin, gut, immune system, AND mental health.

So isn’t there a simpler way to give them superior nutritional support based on all the latest scientific research?

Well, I’m thrilled to share excitingnews - there IS! 

It’s a nutritional solution that can:

  • Fix your dog’s itchy skin so they completely stop itching, chewing, and licking excessively
  • Alleviate your dog’s tummy troubles, and help them enjoy a balanced, healthy gut
  • Put a stop to your dog's anxious, fearful, or aggressive behaviour
  • Bolster & strengthen your dog’s immune system
  • Give them the gift of better health and even a longer life

Allow me to introduce….
NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats

Formulated by leading canine nutrition experts and backed by UK vets…

These treats are packed with nutritious ingredients that deliver transformational health benefits.

Taking advantage of the latest research, NutriPaw’s treats provide multiple levels of digestive, skin, coat, immune, AND behavioural support for your dog.

Bundled together for the very first time, these three treats all target specific doggy health issues. Each is packed with completely natural ingredients, all scientifically proven to support canine well-being.

Let’s dig into exactly what they do:

All-Itch & Immunity Treats - for scratching, licking, and chewing

Key ingredients:

Turmeric – Contains the antioxidant curcumin that reduces skin irritation and inflammation

Salmon Oil – Rich source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s to nourish skin and fur

Apple Cider Vinegar – Has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that enhance immunity

Benefits for your dog:

  • Relief from relentless itching, biting hot spots
  • Skin comfort and coat shininess restored
  • Lessened reactions to environmental allergens
  • Fortified immune defences against infection
  • Clean, infection free ears
  • Better mood, sleep, and overall happiness


No more misery from constant scratching, chewing, and licking at paws, face, and tender areas. Their red, irritated patches eased to pink once again, fur growing back in soft and lush. And peaceful, restorative sleep as the itchiness that once plagued them becomes no more than a memory.

Customer reviews for All-Itch & Immunity Treats

The treats have worked amazingly well on my apricot cockapoo. He was very focused on licking & chewing his paws , but with consistent use of the chews his licking behaviour has improved considerably. I know this to be true as the red saliva staining on his paws has all but disappeared. Starting off from a position of scepticism I am really surprised how effective this product has been and I am very happy to be able to give a positive testimony.

- Mr Gregory  ✅ Verified Customer 

I NEVER leave reviews but I feel I have to with this product, it's AMAZING!!!!
My French bulldog has long suffered with her ears and paws being itchy. My dog now has two of these treats in her hypoallergenic food once daily and ZERO medication, with ZERO redness, ZERO swelling, ZERO itching, my girl is now back to being a happy playful 10 year old (albeit cheeky) dog.  IT WORKS!! highly RECOMMENDED, SERIOUSLY, please try it, your dog will thank you. Nutripaw, Pippa says thank you too.

- Tamara Simpkin  ✅ Verified Customer 

All-itch and Immunity Treats have completely cured my border collie's itchy skin (dry, flaking skin). It took about three weeks before I noticed an improvement and now he only scratches common-or-garden itches. He loves the taste of the treats, too. Great value, I think. I wish these had been available when I had my other collies. Both suffered from the same dry, itchy, flaking skin.

- John   ✅ Verified Customer 

Allow me to introduce…. NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats

By now I hope you understand why I’m so thrilled by NutriPaw’s Treats.And I’m even more excited to see them bundled together for the first time. 

The best thing about this bundle is that it provides whole-body support.

You can mix and match Digestive, Calming, and All-Itch chews tailored to what your dog struggles with most. 

Maybe your pup suffers the occasional upset stomach. 

Or they feel more anxious during car rides and vet visits compared to the past. 

Perhaps they nibble their paws due to seasonal allergies. 

These issues may be mild, but there’s no guarantee they’ll stay that way. 

With all of my dogs' health issues, the symptoms started small. But they soon ballooned into something much more serious. 

But with NutriPaw treats, I know that Evie, my current dog, is getting the very best nutrition. 

Not only have they pretty much fixed her skin problems, but they’ve also prevented other small issues – occasionally fits of barking, the odd nasty poo – from becoming something more serious. And, the hope is, proacitively preventing these common problems, will give her a better chance to live to the full span of her years

Layer 1 1 (4).png__PID:3b0ef408-ce8b-404e-bb2d-972b30c120b2

But what if your dog doesn't have ALL of these health issues? Or NONE at all?

What if your four-legged friend is the very picture of canine health?

It’s understandable to think they don’t need digestive aids, anxiety relief, or help with their skin.

But I urge you not to take their glowing current health for granted or wait to address issues until they arise.

You see, NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats provide invaluable preventative support to protect your dog’s future health, happiness, and longevity. 

I constantly wish I could have shielded beloved past companions Bruno & Lucy from the chronic health conditions that suddenly afflicted their older years. 

Bruno developed intense anxiety, seemingly out of the blue.

Mask group (1).jpg__PID:25bc129a-548d-4890-87e8-3dfb31bf4989

And Lucy’s delicate digestion seemed inexplicable, considering how much of a “foodie” she’d been as a pup.

I am certain that, had I been feeding my two gorgeous doggos NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats, these issues wouldn’t have come up in the first place. 

Or, they’d have been nowhere near as severe and life-changing.

Today, my sweet Evie bubbles with youthful energy, her itchy skin soothed, and there are no signs yet of issues on the horizon. 

And with her daily portion of NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats, I intend to keep it that way!

Approved by practising UK veterinarians 

By the way, you don’t have to take my word when it comes to how well NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats work.

Vets fully support and recommend these treats, too.

In fact, NutriPaw partners with qualified vets to carefully develop and test their products’ safety. 

Specialised veterinary nutritionists, researchers and canine experts create the unique formulations.

Then, fully independent veterinarians assess the health benefits for dogs trying the treats over months.

After evaluating countless canine patients on these treats, here’s what veterinary professionals say:

Dr. Saba

"Pre, Pro & Postbiotic Treats contain a 3-Strains probiotic blend and Epicor, which are proven to support friendly bacteria. Papaya is rich in vitamins and fibres to support digestion, while pumpkin softens the stools and helps in anal gland expression. The all-natural ingredients make this product perfect for dogs with a sensitive stomach."

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Eagle

"These soft chews are designed by a veterinarian, and they contain quality digestive blends to support healthy canine gut flora. Flaxseed helps keep bowel movement regular and stools firm, while the digestive blend helps support immunity and digestion. All ingredients help to contribute towards a healthy gut and digestion."

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Farhad

"Calming Treats by NutriPaw is an excellent product because of its 100% natural blend of amino acids, herbal oils, ginger root powder, valerian root, and chamomile powder. When mixed without any heat or cooking process, all these ingredients become the best blend for anxiety, stress, and aggressive behaviours."

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Remember, this is all about you & your dog’s future together…

Think how much your doggo means to you, and of the trust and loyalty they give you in return.

With NutriPaw Wellness treats, you’re setting yourself up for many more years of companionship & treasured memories.

Close your eyes and picture :

  • More joy-filled strolls and walkies each morning, your pup leading the way
  • Excited jumps and wiggles greeting you at the door after a long day, their eyes shining with devotion
  • Snuggly couch time and movie nights, your fingers sunk into their soft fur as they snooze
  • Play dates and trips to the park, your pal bursting with energy to fetch and explore

I can't envision a dog owner who wouldn't cherish having more of those precious moments together. 

Especially when our dogs give their whole hearts to us so freely, asking little in return except our love.

They selflessly enrich our lives in infinite ways, filling even the most mundane moments with quiet joy.

Do you want lasting health and extra years for your beloved friend?

An opportunity for them to share more precious moments in times to come?

Then, it’s time to take the next step…

022222 1.png__PID:b44cc4bc-2d1d-410e-9369-f023f14a02ca

Get the NutriPaw Wellness Treats bundle. Big savings for a short time only!

Getting all three NutriPaw Wellness Treats in one bundle just makes sense. 

Together, they help your dog alleviate or avoid the “big three” canine health issues – itchiness, digestion, and anxiety.  And, of course, this exclusive bundle offers you considerable savings for a limited time. 

You can take advantage of discounted pricing that may not be available down the road once this offer has ended. Given how affordable the bundles are, why wait and risk paying more per treat? 

Plus, each bottle contains 120 treats - a month and a half’s supply for an average-sized dog. 

What a bargain! 

Yes! I Want To Futureproof My Dog’s Health & Happiness With NutriPaw!

Starter Pack

1 Tub/Up To 4 Month Supply


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Worried your dog won’t like them?Don’t be!

I’m sure you’ve had the experience (I know I have…) of trying your dog on a new brand of treat, only for them to turn their noses up in disgust!

But that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with NutriPaw

NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats are made for maximum palatability.

Over 90% of pups eagerly gobble them right up, straight from their owner’s hands!

Alternatively, simply sprinkle the treats over your dog’s normal dry food, and they should scoff them right down.

For extra fussy eaters, you can also crumble the treats into wet food, peanut butter, and anything else your pup loves. 

And unlike topical treatments and medications, there are no complicated dosing guidelines or schedules to keep track of.

Instead, NutriPaw recommends how many treats per day depending on the size of your dog.


  • Up to 11 kg
  • 11 - 23 kg
  • 23 - 35 kg
  • 35 - 45 kg
  • Over 45 kg

Treats/Day (All give together)

  • 1 Treat
  • 2 Treat
  • 3 Treat
  • 4 Treat
  • 5 Treat

One Tub (120 Treats) Lasts

  • - 4 months
  • - 2 months
  • - 1.5 months
  • - 1 months
  • - 24 months

And, of course, every single ingredient in NutriPaw Wellness Treats is 100% dog-friendly. 

So, no need to stress if they accidentally get an “extra dose” some days!

Every order of NutriPaw Wellness Treats comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Still on the fence? Let’s make this easy. 

Your order is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That means you have an entire month to try NutriPaw’s products risk-free. This way, you can verify the benefits for your pup before fully committing.

If for any reason you aren’t thoroughly satisfied with the improvements you see in your dog's skin, coat, digestion, or behaviour…

...simply contact NutriPaw’s responsive support team via email within 30 days of purchase.

Let them know NutriPaw wasn’t the right solution so they can promptly issue a full refund of your investment. 

And that’s it! No return shipping or extra steps required!This refund policy demonstrates NutriPaw’s confidence that their Wellness Chews can bring transformative benefits to your beloved dog. 

Now that you can shop at ease, why not give your pup the gift

Yes! I Want To Futureproof My Dog’s Health & Happiness With NutriPaw!

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Still not 100%? Why not think of it like this…

As you can see, scientific breakthroughs in tailored canine nutrition offer immense potential to transform your best friend’s health and happiness. 

When it comes to your faithful companion’s well-being, you now face three paths forward:


Take No Action

You could stick with the status quo and hope chronic issues don’t crop up or go away by themselves. But watching your pup potentially suffer through avoidable discomfort will be agonising, especially when you had the chance to do something about it.

Icon (1).png__PID:536267f4-aa7a-451f-bb46-e6c04a66060d

Rely On Standard DogFood/Your Vet

You could rely solely on complete commercial diets and veterinary care to safeguard their wellness over time. Yet even quality food has considerable nutritional limitations, and vet trips only come after illness sets in.

Icon (2).png__PID:6267f4aa-7a05-4f3b-86e6-c04a66060d99

Be Proactive WithNutriPaw

Or better yet, you could take a preventative approach with NutriPaw’s Wellness Treats. Their all-natural ingredients help you be proactive rather than reactive about your dog’s future health and happiness.

When your loyal companion’s future is at stake, option three seems the only choice, surely?

Help your cherished pup thrive for years to come with NutriPaw!

Yes! I Want To Futureproof My Dog’s Health & Happiness With NutriPaw!

Starter Pack

1 Tub/Up To 4 Month Supply


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Still not 100%? Why not think of it like this…

As you can see, scientific breakthroughs in tailored canine nutrition offer immense potentialto transform your best friend’s health and happiness. 

You don't need your vet's explicit approval to try our treats. However, we always advise pet owners to show the detailed ingredients and serving guidelines to their trusted veterinarian, especially if your pup takes any medications, has known health conditions or allergies you are aware of, or if you have any concerns about starting your dog on the treats.

As plant-based chews made in GMP-certified facilities, our Wellness Treats are formulated to be safe for most healthy adult dogs when administered properly. But your vet can help verify serving sizes are appropriate for your dog’s unique needs and flag any potential issues. Bringing a starter sample on your next visit allows them to recommend incorporating NutriPaw’s treat into your dog’s routine care.