Meet the Newest NutriPaw

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Meet the brand NEW All-Itch Shampoo

"The All-Itch shampoo has revolutionized our grooming routine. Gentle on sensitive skin and powerfully hydrating. I've gone from 2 shampoos for my 2 dogs and now they both just use this one!"
- James, All-Itch Shampoo Customer

This All-Itch shampoo was formulated alongside veterinary experts to create a gentle, but effective shampoo to nourish the skin and maintain coat health.

It's perfect for dogs & cats of all skin & coat types. It'll nourish sensitive, itchy, dry or flaky skin and help maintain a smooth, shiny and lush coat. 

A perfect balance of soothing, gentle & hydrating ingredients; Oat Milk, Aloe Vera, Lemon grass & peppermint. Leaving your pet's coat looking, smelling & feeling GREAT!

NutriPaw All-Itch Shampoo

Discover the BRILLIANCE of the All-Itch Kit

"A game-changer for my dog's itchy, sensitive skin. The All-Itch Chews were already a win, but combined with the Shampoo, it's holistic care from the inside and outside. I couldn't recommend NutriPaw enough"
- Sarah, All-Itch Kit Customer

A revolutionary Itch Kit. Our top-selling All-Itch Chews precisely target the itch at its root, to soothe the skin & support immunity, seamlessly paired with our NEW Shampoo for immediate nourishment and hydration.

Partnering with experts, we spent over 8 months crafting the PERFECT blend of natural itch-soothing ingredients in our Chews. But we went beyond – collaborating with vets to develop a Shampoo that complements the chews perfectly.

Made with a perfect balance of soothing, gentle & hydrating ingredients.
Embrace the most cutting-edge natural itch care that the UK has to offer for your dog. This Kit is the last thing you'll ever need for total skin & coat health.

NutriPaw All-Itch Shampoo


The UK's ONLY All-Itch Kit.
Inside & Out Support for Itchy, Sensitive Dogs

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