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Exposing The Truth: Debunking The 3 MYTHS About Anxious, Reactive & Nervous Dogs & Why 250,000+ Owners Choose This Revolutionary Dog Care Chew DAILY

Formulated by science, made from nature. Have you tried this?

03/02/2023 - 2 Minutes read

Transforming anxiety, stress & fear - 250,000+ owners swear by these & it's clear why

| Warning: After using this calming chew, you'll wish you tried it sooner.

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Most pet parents believe at least 1 of these 3 MYTHS, and it's leaving dogs across the UK riddled with anxiety, stress and fear.

🚫 Dogs don't get anxious
🚫 Only untrained dogs experience these issues
🚫 Anxious dogs just need exercise & love

The truth, in fact, is...

Busting the Myths: Studies show 25% of all dogs suffer from anxiety, stress, fear & reactivity 

Going one layer further, experts show that anxiety, stress, fear & reactivity do NOT disappear with training OR exercise.

While these things are helpful, it's a clear conclusion that dogs NEED further support.

That's where this Calming Chew SHINES, thanks to breakthroughs in science and research there is a natural (non-chemical) way to calm your dog.

Without the drowsy, sleepy and subdued side effects and without changing their cheeky, beautiful personality.   

Why Over 250,000 Owners Swear By This Calming Chew (& Why You Should Too)

NutriPaw®  Calming Chews are the #1 Anxiety, Fear & Reacitivty Busting Chew in the UK. With over 4,000 5* reviews and over 85% of customers actively recommending them to fellow pet parents.

Every week MILLIONS  of these chews are eaten by dogs across the UK, here's why...

Expertly formulated to calm dogs & help with 

Nature's best ingredients - packed into 1 calming chew

Choose Natural Calming

🎖 45-day money-back promise

Crafted by experts after years of development to deliver the ultimate natural support

NutriPaw teamed up with experts who spent years formulating the perfect blend of different natural ingredients to calm dogs and naturally reduce their anxiety, reactivity, fear & hyperactivity.

The result? A chew that's being touted as a revolution in dog care. Something that will give dogs and their owners all the calming support, WITHOUT doping them up, changing their personalities or causing drowsiness.

All this goodness is wrapped in a delicious soft chew for a fuss-free & hassle-free experience. Over 92% of dogs LOVE these chews more than their normal dog treats!

And it's made with ZERO nasties.

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In a few weeks, you'll wish you had tried them sooner & your dog will be loving life (just like all these dogs in the video)

Choose Natural Calming

🎖 45-day money-back promise

Proven by 250,000+ Calmer Dogs

How can you get these amazing results?

All you need is patience! Simply feed these tasty treats to your dog daily for a few weeks and you could be joining our hundreds of thousands of happy customers!

You can get the best deals by staying loyal and saving with our subscription!

🐶 Choose the Calming Chews & see for yourself why these are the #1 Calming supplements for dogs in the UK 🐶

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🎖 45-day money-back promise


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#1 Calming Chew


4.4/5, 20,000+ reviews

Calming For SMALL Dogs

"A game-changer for my reactive, anxious pup. Still got his cheeky side, but MILES better"

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Calming For Medium/ Large  Dogs

"My GSD has improved a lot, he's less reactive & a lot calmer, but still got his beautiful personality."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5,000+

Update To Extra Calming

For informational purposes only. Please keep in mind that results may vary with NutriPaw. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.