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The truth about Garlic for dogs

Garlic, often a subject of debate in pet care, is a core component of our Flea & Tick Defense Chews. With a precise 75 mg of garlic per chew, these treats are formulated for safety and effectiveness.

Here's a breakdown of why garlic is an excellent choice for your pets, backed by expert opinions and our careful research.

Garlic Dosing: Safe and Effective

The dosage of garlic in our chews has been thoughtfully determined to ensure efficacy without risk. For dogs under 11kg, only one chew is recommended, scaling up to five chews for dogs over 55kg. This ensures that the total intake of garlic remains far below the levels that research has indicated could cause health issues - even if your dog accidentally ate a whole tub!

Expert Opinions on Garlic

Wendy O’Neil of the Nutraceutical Alliance points out that garlic, unlike onions, does not contain n-propyl disulphide, which is known for its toxicity. "At dosages listed, the concentration of garlic is unlikely to be toxic and may be helpful to the pet," she assures.

Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D., cites a 2004 study by Chang et al. that found allicin in garlic to be beneficial to animals' health, without any report of hemolytic anemia despite high concentrations of garlic being used in the study.

The Benefits of Garlic in Our Chews

Our Flea & Tick Defense Chews leverage garlic's natural repellent qualities to help protect your pets from pests. But that's not all; garlic also supports the immune system and overall health due to its antioxidant properties. The total amount of garlic in each tub of our chews is carefully calculated to be beneficial, without coming close to the researched threshold for toxicity.

Commitment to Your Pet's Health

Our product has been developed with extensive research and veterinary consultation to ensure the safe inclusion of garlic. By sticking to the recommended serving sizes, pet owners can trust in the benefits that these chews bring to their pets' health and their fight against fleas and ticks.

In summary, our Flea & Tick Defense Chews offer a natural, safe, and effective method to protect your pets, with the added benefits of garlic. We're proud to provide a product that not only helps manage pest infestations but also supports your pet's well-being while staying within the safety guidelines supported by research and experts in the field.

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