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Worked wonders with his coat and itching.

All-Itch & Immunity Treats
6 shirley close frettenham
Doggy itch&immunity treats

It's been six weeks since Kim has been on her nutrition paw all-itch treats and she's not hardly been locking or biting her paws the odd scratch of her ears but all in all much improvement

immunity treats

So far so good my dog has not itched this year yet, nothing has changed apart from giving her the immunity treats, so must be helping, would definitely recommend

Itch and and immunity treats

Bought these as my dog seems to constantly itch he has quite corse hair and spends a lot of his walks taking dips in ponds they really helped with the itching

All-Itch treats

Fantastic ❤️
Love them
Dogs love them
And very little scratching anymore!!
- less dirty!!!! licking less and smelling sweeter - what's not to love

Calming Treats
Natasha K
4 tubs in and still working great

started on these at the start of the year for my golden retriever and can't rate them highly enough. Works so well for my girl, she is a changed dog. We are on our fourth tub now and I will continue with these

Happy pooch

It only took a couple of weeks for our frenchies coat to feel healthier and her to stop scratching her face. Good stuff give it a try.

All-Itch & Immunity Treats
Leyla - Monkey, Agnes, Billy and Dave.
Actually work!

Bought to use on all my dogs Scotties, Cairn and Border terrier. My border terrier is prone to itchy skins and ears. Within a couple of weeks this greatly improved and has continued to do so. Will definitely be continuing to use these 😁😁

NutriPaw Calming Treats

Excellent product! really helped our border collie take her excitement down a level when meeting new people and dogs, thoroughly recommend these treats and will be ordering more shortly

Calming Treats
Alan Cutter
Tasty treats.

Rowan is 21 month Staffordshire Bull Terrier with loads of energy.
NutriPaw has made a noticeable difference to his behaviour. I would definitely recommend this product.
Alan Cuter (Portsmouth)

Gradually helping with calming

I’ve been giving this to my fearful Romanian rescue for about 3 weeks. They seemed to take around 1 week to begin taking effect but now he seems more calm and a lot more at ease

Itchy Skin treats

Coming to the end of first box and my cocker spaniel continues to itch just the same as previously. I have increased the dose to 3 a day and still no change. Very disappointed .

Very disappointed ☹️

I have been giving our Jack Russell the All Itch & Immunity treats for over 7 weeks now (giving her double the recommended dose) and they have not made one bit of difference - she is still itching, licking and scratching as much, if not more, than ever. I am so disappointed as the reviews were so good and I thought I had at last found the solution to this yearly problem!! Sadly not ☹️

Calming Treats
Kathleen Flynn
Calming Treats

One of my show dogs was very nervous, not what you want in a show dog. Unfortunately he is what I call a pandemic pup as no on came to our house and he wasnt socialised in the crucial 18 week window due to lock down. he has now been on the treats for 6 weeks and there is a huge difference in him. definately more relaxed so working progress. PS he is winning at shows now

Calming Treats
Dorothy Jenkins

Calming treats have had a really beneficial effect on my rescue greyhound ,Ruby.
She is far more settled and less noisy and boisterous.Now four years old, Ruby is a pleasure to have as a companion. She is loving and gentle natured.

Calming Treats
Jenny Barker
Calmer dog

I was sceptical at first and didn't see a great deal of difference in my dog's behaviour but having doubled the dose after a few weeks, I seem to have a calmer much less anxious dog. We still have work to do but I really feel the treats are helping.

Calming Treats
Julie Middleton
Calming treats

I have been using these for nearly 4 weeks now. I am starting to see a calmer dog especially on walks where she would be reactive to other dogs coming towards her on a lead. Many thanks x

Calming Treats
Alison Wallace
Amazing - Calming Treats.

We have a year old whirlwind(Springer Spaniel). She was almost impossible to keep still in or out of the house. We saw an ad for these treats and decided to give them a try with amazing results. She still has odd moments of exuberance but, on the whole she’s s nicer calmer doggie to be with.

Calming Treats
Christine Yearsley
Not all bad reviews are posted

Looks like they may be selective when posting “bad” reviews as mine wasn’t! Definitely didn’t work for my WSS despite giving exactly as recommended including doubling up the dose after 2 weeks. Complete waste of money and I had been very hopeful after reading the reviews.

Sorry the treats did not work for your dog. However the claim is not true at all.

We are very transparent that the calming treats and all treats are a natural herbal based product to support dog health conditions, thus they may not work for 100% of dogs. If they haven’t been effective it could be an indication a stronger solution is required.

Every dog is different and responds in different ways and no product can claim to be 100% effective.

Calming Treats
Andrea Lindsay
Nutri-Paw for anxiety and skin conditions

We have a very anxious dog, who is very unsettled and unpredictable around guests and also has an unpleasant dry skin condition which makes him very agitated. Three days after using the nuti-paw supplements we noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in his anxiety around strangers. We used to have to put him in a different room if guests came over, as he would bark and growl at them. From 3 days after using the supplement he is like a different dog! I don’t say this lightly either! I have tried 4 different dog behaviourists, read multiple books and watched hundreds of videos to find ways to manage his anxiety. Nutri Paw seems to have solved the problem though! This is pretty much life changing, as anyone who has an anxious and unpredictable dog will know! At the same time, we started using Nutri Paw for skin conditions. It has taken some time, but I would definitely say there is a significant improvement. We have not had to take him back to the vet for medication and the red rawness has gone. We are avid fans of Nutri Paw and can’t recommend it highly enough!!

Hips and joints treats

My eight month old pup has been taking these hips and joints treats with enthusiasm for three weeks. He is a very springy, lively boy and I wanted to ensure the health and development of his young maturing hips, joints and ligaments as he bounces through the years.

I most definitely recommend them, Nutri-paw you have a customer for life ❤️

Best Skin Supplement For Dogs - Bar None!

My dog has environmental allergies and was constantly itching and scratching to the point I had to take her to the vet. Additionally her coat was dry and she was shedding a lot. After starting her on NutriPaw allergy treats I am please to report she is no longer itching and scratching, her coat is soft and shivny

Sorry but they don’t work

So sorry but I really wanted these to work. My Frenchie is still scratching like crazy and these were my last hope but unfortunately they don’t work.

Haven’t worked.

Unfortunately I believed these would work from all the 5*reviews but sadly they haven’t helped, His actually worse than when we started these treats & to top off our experience his now heading to the vet for his biting and scratching, Also doesn’t like them he now refuses to eat them.

I can see you have only been using the treats for about 2 weeks (delivered 15th July). It’s actually quite common to not see any results in the first few weeks, this has been reported by many many customers who went on to see amazing results. I

t’s a natural product and requires some time to work.

We do state in many places it can take up to 30 days to see results so categorically saying they don’t work after only 2 weeks isn’t a fair representation of how effective they can be.

Please follow the guidance where by if you are not seeing results after 14 days of daily use age to increase to quantity given (up to 2x of the serving).

Please ensure these are being used daily for at least 30 days.

Itchy treats

Dog was no different after taking a tub of these.

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