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Why We Are The Same (as you!)

We want you to know why we are the same as you!
To us, dogs are not just pets, they are family and our best friends.

Their smiley faces and wagging tails are one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning and one of the last things you see before you go to sleep.

They bring joy and happiness to everyone around them. We, like you, want only what's best for dogs and for their health.

NutriPaw Philosophy: Simplifying Dog Health

We know dog health can be tough to navigate, they can't tell us how they are feeling and how we can help.

We noticed. And wanted to change this.

And that’s what NutriPaw is all about. NutriPaw was founded through our passion to make the world a better place for all dogs and their parents (you).

We help pets live happy, healthy lives through natural herbal supplements made as tasty, irresistible treats and health supplies.

We have developed natural products to support some of the most common areas that dogs need help with, including stress, fear, itching, scratching, joint flexibility and strength, digestion, immunity, skin, coat, teeth and aging. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, NutriPaw helps you take the complexity out of keeping your dog healthy.

NutriPaw Philosophy

Simplifying Dog

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To change the lives of 1,000,000 pets by 2025, through offering natural products that support every-day issues, that pets love.


To help change the lives pets, by taking the complexity out of their issues, for them to enjoy a happy, healthy life.


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