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5 Must Do's to Keep Your Dog Happy

Despite the fact that dogs are typically happy creatures, this does not exclude you from taking steps to make them a bit happier and healthier on a daily basis.

With these five handy tips, you may set your canine companion on the path to a positive and healthy life.

1.   Getting Plenty of Exercises

When it comes to exercise for dogs, there is a range that includes everything from the bare minimum to strenuous activity. From regular walks to agility training, many workouts simply get the task done while others provide your pet with thrilling new challenges to overcome. When it comes to regular exercise and your dog, the first thing to keep in mind is that even the most basic tasks, such as walks, can have a significant impact.

2.   Make sure your dog is getting enough food regularly

The diet of dogs should be well-balanced and consist of age-appropriate foods. They also respond incredibly well to a regular feeding schedule. Try to keep their meal times constant and avoid giving human snacks to the dog.

In order to guarantee that your furry companion is obtaining the proper quantity of nutrients daily, consult your local veterinarian before making any dietary changes. This will be determined by your dog's size, breed, age, and activity. Your veterinarian will also be able to determine the amount of food required by your dog.

3.   Play games with your pals (such as hide and seek)

Do you have a dog who enjoys playing? Getting your dog involved in certain indoor activities, such as hide and seek, is a simple way to keep him happy. If you want to play hide and seek with your pup, have him stay with you while you look for a hiding area. Once you've located yourself, call your pooch and reward them when they locate you.

4.   Recognize and reward your pet's positive behaviour

The key to your dog's happiness is to have a healthy relationship with him or her at all times. When it comes to showing someone how much you appreciate them, it is important to praise them (with physical or verbal communication along with some treats). It is one of the most effective methods.

A canine's healthy link with its owner, backed up by incentives and treats, always leads to better loyalty than the dread of screaming or punishment. Occasionally, individuals lose their enthusiasm for praising their dog once they have progressed past the puppy-training period. Still, it is critical to maintaining this practice in order for your relationship with your dog to remain as solid as possible.

5.   Routine Medical Attention

One of the essential things pet parents can do for their dogs is provide them with routine care. This is especially crucial because our animals are unable to communicate directly with us when they have natural basic requirements. Providing our animals with nutritious food, allowing them to be active, arranging regular vet appointments, grooming often, and dispensing critical health supplements are all vital aspects of being the perceptive and loving people they deserve.

Make vitamins a part of your pet's daily routine, set up periodic vet appointments, and arrange frequent times with the professional groomer. If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, you'll feel just as fantastic as your pet.

 Written by Dr Mushtaq, DVM 

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