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How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth?

Dental diseases are some of the most frequent diseases found in our canine friends, particularly periodontal disease. The good news is that we can lessen or even prevent dental issues by providing a diet high in crunchy foods, providing suitable chew treats and toys, and cleaning our dogs' teeth regularly.

Things you will need before dog brushing

You will need a good quality dog toothbrush in order to brush your dog's teeth effectively. You may choose between a regular brush or a long, angled dog toothbrush. Then you are going to require some toothpaste. You must get toothpaste designed exclusively for canines with the go-ahead from your vet. Dog toothpaste is available in a wide selection of tastes that appeal to dogs. Your dog will be encouraged to participate in their new dental regimen happily and will consider the entire process a pleasure because of the enticing aroma and flavor of the toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs.

Fact: Human toothpastes are not suitable for dogs because they pose a health risk to them.  Human toothpaste typically has fluoride and frequently has xylitol, both of which can be harmful to dogs if ingested in sufficient amounts. 

Establishing a regular schedule

It is obviously much simpler to establish a routine of cleaning your dog's teeth when he or she is still a puppy. If you have a puppy at home, you should integrate proper hygiene and grooming into your dog's weekly routine. This should include teeth brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. This will help your puppy develop used to these activities at an early age. Playing with and hugging your puppy allows you to accomplish this goal easily. While doing so, you should handle all parts of your dog's body, including raising their lips and inserting your finger in their jaw and teeth. Your puppy will acquire more good associations with being touched as a result, which will translate into being more comfortable when brushing his teeth.

Brushing your dog's teeth

  • You should let your dog taste the toothpaste and then run your finger over the gums of the upper teeth. After that, continue the process with the toothbrush. Place the bristles of the toothbrush against the gum line of the top back teeth, and then tilt the brush at a slight inclination upward so that the bristles may reach under the gum line.
  • Moving from the rear to the front of the mouth, make little circles along the gum lines as you progress. To properly brush your pet's teeth shouldn't take you more than a minute and a half.
  • It would be ideal if your pet would let you brush most of his teeth.
  • It's possible that certain dogs, just like some humans, will need their teeth cleaned by a professional every once in a while. If you brush your pet's teeth often, you can reduce the number of dental cleanings your pet needs and the amount of work involved in those cleanings. This will also give your pet a healthier and more attractive smile.

Things to watch for when brushing your dog's teeth

When you are cleaning your dog's teeth, it is an excellent time to check for any indications of tooth pain, oral injuries, or overall discomfort that may point to a more severe issue.

You must take your pet to your primary care vet as soon as possible if they exhibit any pain symptoms or if you discover anything out of the normal in their mouth.

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