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3 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed, & 3 Awesome Solutions

Like humans, dogs too get stressed (although we may think there is very little to stress about being a dog; sleep, walking and eating sounds like a great life). Just like human dogs also exhibit stress in different ways, often with different symptoms.
Learning how to read the warning signs of stress allows doggo owns to provide comfort for our dogs, and prevent potentially chaotic encounters with others.

3 Top Signs Of Stress In Your Dog:

  1. Growling - If your dog is feeling threatened or uncomfortable, he may growl at the person or animal in his space —this is a crucial warning that he may be gearing up to bite. Instead, think of ways that you could make the situation more comfortable
  2. Abnormal panting - Like barking, panting completely normal dog behavior. However, abnormal panting, or changes in the way your dog pants could be an indicator that your dog needs some stress relief.
  3. Body language - Tucked tail, alert or pinned back ears all physical indicators of an anxious or uncomfortable dog. But remember: Don’t rely on body language alone, since some signs of stress can be similar to signs of a playful or energetic dog.

    3 Pro Tips To Soothe Stress:

    1. Don’t punish stress-related behaviour - This could only make the situation worse and isn’t actually resolving the root of the issue. Instead, try to find the root cause of the behaviour/ trigger points
    2. Opt for crate training in young puppies - Creates make available a safe space for your dog when he needs a calm place to escape to. 
    3. Consider a Calming Supplement - Sometimes triggers cannot be avoided and other interventions can have a huge impact. We recommend picking a natural calming treat (not tablet or spray), to use as a tasty treat containing proven ingredients to help calm your pup. Our NutriPaw Calming Treats are a 100% natural solution that can help with this!


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