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How to care for your dog's paw pads

Skincare for dogs is just as important as skin care for humans, and foot care for dogs is essential! A dog's paw pads are in constant contact with the environment, whether it's hot, cold, smooth, rough, springy or firm.

Yes, dogs have evolved a robust paw pad to deal with different environments, however, dogs can still suffer paw pad issues and injuries if we're not careful or cautious!

What exactly are paw pads?

All paw pads are made of fatty protective tissues and other elastic fibrous membranes. The pads are covered by heavily pigmented, and thick skin—this is the thickest skin on any dog.

How to care for your dog's paws?

1. Be Cautious - Prevention is better than any cure! The first step is to be mindful and careful of the terrain and temperature while on walks.

Just because you don't feel the heat (or lack of!) in your shoes doesn't mean it isn't a big issue and just because your foot is comfortable walking across loose, sharp stones, doesn't mean your dog won't struggle!

Be aware of your environment and make sensible decisions around what routes to take and when to take them!

2. Clip your dog's nails - Depending on the breed of dog and exercise levels some dogs will need their nails clipped more frequently than others.

It's important to keep the nails at a responsible length as they can help protect the paw pads - just be careful not to cut too deep and avoid the quick.

3. Care for between the pads - Make sure you are checking regularly for debris and other materials after walks. Dirt and debris can collect between the pads and cause irritation.

You should also monitor the hair growth around the pads. The fur can become long and matted which can cause pain so keep the fur trimmed. This can be done by yourself or a groomer.

4. Keep them nourished - It's not unusual for dogs to have cracked or dry pads. Dr. Hammer of the AKC foundation says, "The best thing to do is rub a Vitamin E based cream into the pad."

We invest a lot of time into our own skincare routines and we should consider how beneficial a balm or cream would be for our dog's paws.

However, you must never use human moisturiser, as this can soften the pads too much and cause injury.

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