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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Model

How does the Subscription Model work?

When you order a product with a subscription model, you will be charged a discounted price on the day and have the product delivered.

Select how often you want re-delivery to take place, based on your doggo's size & weight, as recommended below:

- Delivery every 24 Days - For dogs over 45 kg
- Delivery every 30 Days - For dogs 35 - 45 kg
- Delivery every 45 Days - For dogs 23 – 35 kg
- Delivery every 60 Days - For dogs 11 - 23 kg
- Delivery every 120 Days - For dogs under 11 kg

You can then relax, knowing your product will always arrive in time and your doggo will have their favourite treats!

Can I update, change or cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can update any details including product selection and subscriptionfrequency, without any cost.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time as well - we do hope you remain a NutriPaw customer, however appreciate that your plans may change, so this is all done at 0 costs.

Please do so by contacting us at and let us know what you would like to change!


How do I make changes to my order?

At NutriPaw we want you and your furbaby to have the best possible experience so we make every effort to ship treat orders the same day. To do this we use an automatic fulfilment process while means orders are packed and labelled very quickly

If you want to make a change to your order please email us ASAP on:

Where is my order?

Our warehouse operates Monday-Friday (Business Days). If you order before 11:00 Monday-Friday, your order will be dispatched on the same day. If you orderafter 11:00, your order will be dispatched next day business days.

If you order on a Saturday or Sunday, your order will be dispatched the next business day (usually Monday, unless this is a national holiday).

 There are 2 options for shipment available:
- Tracked 48 Hours (FREE): tracking to delivery point and delivery in 3-5 business days (after dispatch)
- Tracked 24 Hours (£1.99): tracking to delivery point and delivery in 1-2 business days (after dispatch)

Please allow the timing mentioned above for your treats to arrive. You will receive an email with the tracking code once your order has been shipped, please use this tracking code to check your order status.

If you have any questions please contact us at


Can I give my dog more than one type of supplement at a time?

Good news - YES, we have formulated these to allow them to be used together!

Are your treats VET approved?

YES! All of our ingredients have been approved by Vets and all our products are loved by them too. You can see vet reviews on each of our product pages and on our home page too!

Are NutriPaw Treats safe?

Yes, they are - absolutely! Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. They have no corn, no preservatives, no wheat, no GMO, and no soy. They are not cooked or heat-processed to keep them as fresh and beneficial as possible.
They are formulated by experts with veterinarian-approved ingredients. They are manufactured in a GMP quality facility and are quality controlled before being packaged.

How many treats should I give my dog & how long does a tub last?

The number of treats / day a dog should have depends on their weight:

  • Up to 11 kg: 1 Treat (4 months)
  • 11-23 kg: 2 Treats (2 months)
  • 23-35kg: 3 Treats (1.5 months)
  • 35-45kg: 4 Treats (1 month)
  • Over 45kg: 5 Treats (24 days)

Each tub has 120 treats.

All treats must be given at once, every day.

I am not seeing that many results, what should I do?

While the treats work quite well on most doggos, every dog is different and not all react in the same way to the treats.
There are 2 things you should do if you are not seeing the results desired:
           -  Wait for 2 weeks and keep trying the product. It is unlikely you will see many results within the first few days, therefore please give it some time. As our treats are a natural solution, they take a while to kick in.
           -  Increase the dosage, gradually, one by one, up to double the recommended serving size. For example, if your dog is 20 kg,the recommended serving size is 2 treats. However you can add 1 treat, for a total of 3, analyse results, and then another one, if required (up to 4 treats in total).

Do your Calming Treats have CBD or THC?

No! Our calming treats are made with Organic Hemp Powder and Oil which have ZERO THC and psychoactives.

Your dog will gain all of the health and wellbeing benefits of hemp to help address their anxiety, stress and fear issues without getting high!

How long do your treats take to work?

Every dog is different but generally you will still some short term effects within a few hours of the first full serving.

Full beneifts can be seen within 30-days of daily use at the recommended serving size.  

Are the treats suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog?

Yes! Our treats are totally safe for puppies (at least 12 weeks old), old dogs, small dogs, big dogs, long dogs, short dogs and tall dogs.

Please follow the recommended serving sizes on the back of the jar to make sure you're giving the correct amount for your size dog.

CAUTION: Please check with your vet before giving our supplement treats to a dog that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Palm Fruit Oil safe to consume?

In its pure, not-contaminated form palm fruit oil is not only non-toxic, but it's also one of the healthiest oils around, it's a great source of omega oils with ZERO trans fats. In fact, Harvard Health describes palm fruit oil as having a better fatty acid composition than coconut oil.

It is this pure Palm Fruit Oil that NutriPaw use in very small amounts in our treats, to bind together our 100% Natural Ingredients.

If you are not convinced - please read our blog post which speaks in detail about palm fruit oil:CLICK HERE

Will Palm Fruit Oil upset my dog's stomach?

Common sense should be exercised here, too much of anything can be harmful.

Water, the life-giving molecule can be deadly if we drink too much. And any oil if consumed in excess will give humans, or animals an upset stomach and result in laxative effects.

Palm Fruit Oil is more digestible than corn oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil.

The good news is our Palm Fruit Oil is used in very small amounts, only to bind our 100% Natual Ingredients together. 

What should I do if my dog won't eat the treats?

This rarely happens! From our testing, customer feedback and reviews approximately 90% of the dogs given our chews LOVE the taste of these chews.

They're made withall-natural flavoring to give them an authentic taste. In the unlikely event your dog doesn't like the taste we recommend mixing the chews in with their regular dog food or wrapping them in a small piece of good quality, low fat deli meat or adding a little peanut butter.

We do not accept refunds if your dog doesn't like the treats, they are still medically effective when disguised.

Returns & Refunds

Can I return the NutriPaw products?

Yes, as long as the seal of the tub has not been broken, we will give you a product refund, minus the shipping & handling costs (£4).

Please e-mail us at with the following details:
           - Order number
           - Address you are sending the products back from
& we will send back a shipping label for you to return the tub.

The shipping label requires printing and you can take the package to any Royal Mail facility.

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

We offer a 45 day money back guarantee upon receipt of your order for our treats. If, after you have tried the product daily for 45 days you are not satisfied with the results we will refund your original purchase.

Please note - we will not be able to offer a refund if you contact us far outside of the 45 day window, or if you have not been giving the treats daily. 

For most size dogs one tub should be enough to determine the effectiveness of the treats for your doggo. Because of this, we are only able to honour the guarantee for 1 opened tub of treats / household. If you purchased more than one tub, and the treats don't work we will be more than happy to apply the guarantee to 1 opened, any other unopened tubs can be returned and refunded separately.

We do not offer refunds if:- Your dog does not like the taste or smell, they can be crumbled into their regular food, or hidden in other foods (meats, peanut butter etc.), they are still medically effective.- You have not checked the ingredients and noticed your dog is allergic to one of the ingredients upon receipt and opening the treats. We give a full list of ingredients on both the website and on the tub - it is your job to make sure you are giving your doggo what is right for them.- You have contacted us later than the 45 days from receipt of the order.

To figure out the best solution as fast as possible, please include answers to these questions when you contact us:
- What type / breed of dog do you have? How old is he / she?
- How much does he / she weight?
- How many treats a day did you give your dog?
- Did you give the treats every day, all at the same time? How long did you give the treats for?
- If you didn't see the desired results, did you double the dosage?
- Is your dog using any type of medication or supplemental food / treat with this?
- Why are you giving your dog this supplement?
- What type of problems is your dog having?
- Does your dog suffer from anything else? If so, what is it?

We will do our best to address your pup’s individual needs.

For any questions please contacts us on