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Top 3 Best and Worst Foods For Dogs

Common questions we are asked, or hear being asked is 'Can dogs eat X?', from blueberries and bananas to eggs and raw meats.

While each type of new food introduced into your dogs diet should be verified for safety there are some general do's and don't when it comes to feeding your dog and we have given our top 3 foods to share and foods to avoid for your doggos:

Top 3 Foods suitable for dogs:

  1. Peanut Butter - We all love some good old PB but it turns out so do dogs, and it's good for them! Unsalted PB without artfical sweetner is a great source of healthy fats and helps provide some essential vitamins as well as source of protein. As with all things, moderation is KEY.
  2. Eggs - Cooked eggs are an excellent source of fatty acids, proteins and mineral. Not only are they a great source of nutrition they can also help sooth an unset stomach and help keep their coats healthy. Raw eggs can be eaten by dogs, however there will an increase chance of infection.
  3. Apples - These are a fantastic source of vitamins and phytonutrients for your dog, as well as being low calorie (low fat and low carb) to help with older, less active dogs where weight could be an issue. However, avoid giving them the core as it may be harmful

Top 3 foods to avoid for dogs:

  1. Chocolate - The delicious guiltly pleasure for us is extremely harmful for your dog. This is because it contain small amount of caffeine and theobromine which cannot be digested causing toxicity leading to diarrhea, vomitting and lethargy
  2. Onion/ garlic - These contain chemicals toxic to dogs and the effects of this may only be seen a few days after ingestion
  3. Grapes - or the raisin can causing vomitting in certain dogs 8-12 hours after eating, it doesn't happen for all breeds, but better safe than sorry!

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