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Top 5 Puppy Training Tips

Congratulations on your new fur baby, and if this is your first puppy an extra congrats - you are officially a pet parent!

Your little bundle of joy is going to be keeping you on your toes from here.

Having a puppy is one of the best experiences ever, but it can also be tricky; they can be overwhelming and training your dog can take a lot of time, patience and treats!

There are so many things you and your puppy need to learn about rules and boundaries.

Training is a long journey - too much to cover in a small blog post.

However, we have collated 5 Key puppy training tips that are vital to get right!

  1. Establish ground rules - Set boundaries as soon as your puppy gets home. The quicker they learn these boundaries, the better for everyone. You need to decide what they can, and cannot do. What is off-limits? Can they jump on the sofa? Can they go in every room? Can they sleep on your bed? Establish rules early and stick to them! 
  2. Socializing - This does exactly what it says on the tin, get your puppy out and about gradually meeting new dogs, other animals and other people. Lack of early socializing can lead to trouble in adulthood, making dogs fearful and nervous in certain situations 
  3. House training - Similar to setting up ground rules, housebreaking should be done ASAP. The trick here is to get into a routine around mealtimes or taking them out and waiting until they do their business
  4. Set up a safe place - Dedicate an area of a room to set up a doggo den, this should be a safe place where they can go to relax and sleep, preferably without being disturbed 
  5. Positive reinforcement - Reward good behaviour, ignore/ redirect bad behaviour but don't punish. 

If you find your puppy hyperactive and less responsive to training due to excitement, NutriPaw Calming Treats can be a great addition to regular training. 

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