NutriPaw Ambassador Spotlight - Meet Moose!

Moose is a long time NutriPaw lover!

Ever since a young pup, Moose has always had trouble with his stomach and digestion. Loose stools were a common issue for months.

He's been on the Pre & Probiotic Chews a while now but they helped within less than a week! His stools are now nice and firm, his stomach is settled and he's a happy healthy boy!

Hear Part 1 of Moose's story below...

At 9 months old their vet suspected Moose had hip dysplasia.

He had stiff back legs for a young boy & he does exercise regularly to help.

Within 4 weeks of using the Hip & Joint Chews, he was moving a lot better and with much more ease.

Hear Part 2 of Moose's story below...

Moose also experienced separation anxiety. He would whine, cry & become very distressed when alone. He tried training & conditioning but needed extra support.

After 2 months of using the Calming Treats, the difference has been huge!

No more crying, barking, pacing or whining when alone... but he's still got his beautiful personality!
Hear Moose's final NutriPaw story below...