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"My rescue cats used to be VERY scared & shy. She would hate new people coming round and was constantly on edge. 3 weeks on NutriPaw has been a game-changer, she is much more relaxed and happy"
- Leslie, Calming for Cats

60 Calming Treats to reduce your Cat's Anxiety, Stress & Fear.

Help your cat live a calm, relaxed and peaceful life in 30 days or less with our tasty, bacon flavoured Calming Treats. Our vet-approved treats are scientifically formulated to help your cat become more relaxed and calm, reducing their nervousness, anxiety, and fear.
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Our 100% Natural Calming Treats

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Calming for Cats - NutriPaw

Calm your cat within 30 days

Supported by Vets, Loved by Pet Parents.

We have helped 250,000+ pets and pet parents across the UK become happier & less stressed. Try NutriPaw Calming Treats for your anxious cat today!

Loved by Customers

We let our customers speak for themeselves


Supported by Vets


How many treats per tub?

Each tub has 60 treats in. This should last between 20 days to 2 months depending on the size of your cat!

  • Weight
  • Up to 2.50kg
  • 2.5-5 kg
  • 5-7 kg
  • Treats / Day (All given together)
  • 1 Treat
  • 2 Treats
  • 3 Treats
  • One Tub (60 Treats) Lasts
  • ~ 2 months
  • ~ 1 months
  • ~ 20 days
Do these Treats really work?

Yes! Our treats are made from ingredients that have been proven to help when used consistently and in the recommended quantity. However, every cat is different, and just like humans sometimes the same things don’t give the same result. Based on our high quantity and quality of our review ratings plus customer feedback 95% of our customers DO see positive results in their cats after using our products for at least 30 days. If for some reason, they do not work out for your cat, please reach out to us, and we will fully refund your purchase - no questions asked! :)

How long does it take the Treats to start working?

Again, every cat is different but generally you will still some short term effects within a few hours. Full benefits of the calming treats occur through daily use and it may take 4 weeks to fully notice all the benefits.
Over 95% of our customers see positive results in their cats within 30-days of daily use at the recommended serving size.  Please ensure you are using the treats at least for 4-6 weeks before making a decision on their effects.

Are the Treats safe?

Yes they are - absolutely! Our products are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. They have no corn, no soya, no preservatives, no wheat, No GMO and no artificial preservatives. They are not cooked or heat-processed to keep them as fresh and beneficial as possible.

They are formulated by experts with veterinarian approved ingredients. They are manufactured in a GMP quality facility and are quality controlled before being packaged.

Will the treats be suitable for my cat's age?

Yes! Our calming treats are totally safe for all cats (at least 12 weeks old).

Please follow the recommended serving sizes on the back of the jar to make sure you're giving the correct amount for your size cat.

CAUTION: Please check with your vet before giving our supplement treats to a cat that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are the treats Vet approved?

YES! All of our ingredients have been approved by Vets and all our products are loved by them too. You can see vet reviews on each of our product pages and on our home page too!

How many treats should and give my cat, and when do I give them?

The treats should be given daily and can be given at ANY TIME, although we do recommend to use ~1 hour before a potentially stressful situation (vet trip, car trip, visitors etc). Make sure you give all treats at once, if your cat has to take more than one.

If for some reason, you want to give more than the recommended quantity (e.g. maybe you are going on a flight and your cat will have to stay with cargo or you want to see stronger results),it is safe to give up to double the recommended daily recommended quantity.

Can I give my cst more than one type of supplement at the same time?

Good news - YES, we have formulated these to allow them to be used together.

I am not seeing the desired results, what should I do?

While the treats work quite well on most cats, every cat is different and not all react in the same way to the treats. There are 2 things you should do if you are not seeing the results desired:

  • Wait for 3 weeks and keep trying the product. It is unlikely you will see many results within the first few days, therefore please give it some time. As our treats are a natural solution, they take a while to kick in.
  • Increase the recommended quantity, gradually, one by one, up to double the recommended serving size. For example, if your cat is 4 kg, the recommended serving size is 2 treats. However you can go to up 4 per day if required.
  • Weight
  • Up to 2.5 kg
  • 2.5-5 kg
  • 5-7kg
  • Treats / Day (All given together)
  • 1 Treat
  • 2 Treats
  • 3 Treats
  • One Tub (60 Treats) Lasts
  • ~ 2 months
  • ~ 1 months
  • ~ 20 days
What should I do if my cat won't eat the treats?

If you have an extra fussy cat that does not enjoy the taste on it's own we would recommend adding some paste on top of the treat, or crumbling and mixng into their daily food.

Where are you based?

We are based in London, UK.

How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Our warehouse operates Monday-Friday (Business Days). If you order before 11:00 Monday-Friday, your order will be dispatched on the same day. If you order after 11:00, your order will be dispatched next business day. If you order on a Saturday or Sunday, your order will be dispatched the next business day (usually Monday, unless this is a national holiday).
There are 2 options for shipment available:
- Tracked 48 Hours (FREE): tracking to delivery point and delivery in 2-4 business days (after dispatch)
- Tracked 24 Hours (£1.99): tracking to delivery point and delivery in 1-2 business days (after dispatch)
You will receive an email with the tracking code once your order has been shipped, please use this tracking code to check your order status.If you have any questions please contact us at

Where are the Treats made?

NutriPaw treats are produced in facilities in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7267 reviews
Natasha K
4 tubs in and still working great

started on these at the start of the year for my golden retriever and can't rate them highly enough. Works so well for my girl, she is a changed dog. We are on our fourth tub now and I will continue with these

NutriPaw Calming Treats

Excellent product! really helped our border collie take her excitement down a level when meeting new people and dogs, thoroughly recommend these treats and will be ordering more shortly

Alan Cutter
Tasty treats.

Rowan is 21 month Staffordshire Bull Terrier with loads of energy.
NutriPaw has made a noticeable difference to his behaviour. I would definitely recommend this product.
Alan Cuter (Portsmouth)

Gradually helping with calming

I’ve been giving this to my fearful Romanian rescue for about 3 weeks. They seemed to take around 1 week to begin taking effect but now he seems more calm and a lot more at ease

Kathleen Flynn
Calming Treats

One of my show dogs was very nervous, not what you want in a show dog. Unfortunately he is what I call a pandemic pup as no on came to our house and he wasnt socialised in the crucial 18 week window due to lock down. he has now been on the treats for 6 weeks and there is a huge difference in him. definately more relaxed so working progress. PS he is winning at shows now

Dorothy Jenkins

Calming treats have had a really beneficial effect on my rescue greyhound ,Ruby.
She is far more settled and less noisy and boisterous.Now four years old, Ruby is a pleasure to have as a companion. She is loving and gentle natured.